Important Notice to Parents

In early 2020, along with all the schools in NSW, we conducted all lessons online; however, we have been operating face-to-face lessons from Monday, 11th May 2020. We also continue to offer online sessions for students who would like to utilse it. Contact us to find out how the online sessions will run.

Our centre will be cleaned more frequently and we will provide hand sanitisers for every staff and student that enters. Although it is not mandatory in learning centres, we will also encourage all staff and students to wear face masks.

The Australian Government wishes for schools to remain open or distance education to take place, more details can be found here. The children of Australia still must be educated and in a situation like this, students may become complacent and fall behind. Learning Space will work hard to continue our service for this reason.

From Monday, 30 March 2020 all tutoring sessions have been held online. We are using the online platforms, Google Classroom and Zoom. Your children’s health and education is our primary concern and this way we can continue providing education in a safe environment. If you have any queries or concerns in relation to the online platforms, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We stress, if any student is feeling unwell we ask them to stay home and get some rest.

Information Regarding Zoom

For the safety of all students and our staff, every online session will be recorded.

We also ask that students wear appropriate attire as if they were attending the centre and be in an appropriate part of the home suited for study. We strongly recommend against students attending the online session in their bedroom.

Remote Tutoring