Private and Group Maths Tutoring Services in Castle Hill

Schooling has both pros and cons. One disadvantage is that your child won’t get the individual help they need if they fall behind or have behavioural concerns. At Learning Space, we can help fill in the gaps. We offer tailored English, Science and Mathematics tutoring services in Castle Hill that will help your child get to the top of the class and beyond.

What Tutoring Services Do We Offer?

Each child that’s enrolled at Learning Space will have a tutoring placement that fits their needs. Your child can get private tutoring, group sessions or both. Specifically, we offer:

  • Private one-on-one and one-to-two sessions
  • Small group sessions
  • HSC and NAPLAN examination preparations
  • Lessons on study habits
  • Access to practice exams and other helpful resources

Our tutoring sessions are taught by qualified teachers who have experience. Our teachers understand how to help students—particularly those who struggle or are behind—learn in a way that works for the child.

Additionally, we don’t just want to help your child learn, we want to teach them how to teach themselves. With the assistance of a teacher who has the time to focus on each child, your child will develop the study skills and confidence they need to improve their academic performance now and throughout their life.

What Age Groups Do We Teach?

At Learning Space, we provide English, Science and Mathematics tutoring services to children in Kindergarten through Year 12. So if your child needs help throughout their entire school career, we will be available for as long as they need.

In addition, we specialise in grades seven through to 12. We can help your child catch up and surpass their peers in the core subjects that are often difficult as they get closer to University.

Call our tutoring centre in Castle Hill today on (02) 9899 8828, and watch as your child’s education flourishes.