Our Team

Learning Space has a team of hand-picked tutors who are real teachers. Every tutor has devoted their professional life to the vocation of teaching students in their respective subjects and age groups. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our friendly teachers. Here are some members of our team.


Jason Ursino

Secondary School Mathematics
BA DipEd
Part of our team since 2011

Jason is the Head of Mathematics in one of the local private schools. His Year 12 classes have achieved exceptional HSC results that is recognised by the school community. Jason grew up in The Hills and has a profound understanding of the local culture and community, this allows him to connect very quickly with students establishing a professional relationship that enables learning. Jason established Learning Space because of his passion for teaching and his enthusiasm for student learning and understanding of Mathematics.


Richard Di Marzo

Secondary School English, History & Legal Studies
MA, BA DipEd, JP
Part of our team since 2012

Richard retired as a Deputy Principal at a local high school in 2011. He has had over 40 years of experience in education. He has taught all grades and has achieved excellent results in all subjects taught. His Year 12 results in English, History and Legal Studies have been consistently excellent. While at Learning Space, Richard has established a good rapport with students to enable them to achieve at their very best.


Joseph Conducto

Secondary School English & History
M. Eng Studies, BT (Secondary), BA Lit.
Part of our team since 2014

Joseph, an English teacher, has since pursued a career in tutoring and lecturing at a tertiary level. His various degrees have provided him with an in-depth knowledge, understanding and resourcefulness in areas of history, philosophy, music and literature – both modern and classic, whilst his readings and research are mainly on William Shakespeare. Joseph excels in explaining the content of the High School English Curriculum to students in ways that promote understanding and skilful appreciation. Since 2014, Joseph has seen many HSC students under his tutelage experience success in their school-work and improvement in their oral communication skills and writing ability with a touch of their own personal creativity.

Other Teachers in Our Team

  • Vanessa Ursino
  • Stephanie Rodrigues
  • Frank Delbello
  • Vidya Srinath
  • Jason Rophail
  • Daniele Woloszuk
  • Kristin Barlow
  • Alex Zhong
  • Katya Yee
  • Anna Kassis