About Us

Hi and welcome to our website! We are a team of friendly teachers working in the Castle Hill community eager to help your children reach their full potential because teaching is our passion.


If you live in the Castle Hill area and want the best for your children, you are not alone.
Castle Hill is the home of about 38 000 good people and out of about 11 000 homes, about 6 000 of them have children going to school. This is why the area around Castle Hill has some of the biggest schools in the great state of NSW.

Ursino’s Learning Space started with a couple siblings of secondary teachers offering private tutoring to students after school. We commenced in 2011 using the trading name, aAdvance coaching, then we changed our trading name in 2018. Now we are a team of qualified teachers catering for every subject offered at school including Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry etc. in both primary and secondary schooling.

Our experience has shown that different students learn in different ways. Some students learn well in private one-to-one sessions, others learn in small group sessions bouncing off other students. At the Learning Space we offer BOTH group and private sessions at affordable prices. All students have a unique program of study tailored to suit the needs of their learning.
Nobody is treated the same at the Learning Space!

So if you want the best for your children, we have a common goal and together we can prove to the school system how brilliant your children really are. After all, every parent knows the potential of their children so it’s now time to give them the EDGE over their competition.

Always remember:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi