English and Maths Tutor Castle Hill

Our point of difference is that our team consists of real teachers who are easy to understand. All services we offer are in the presence of specially selected teachers who are trained to understand how students learn and who know the Australian/NSW curriculum.
The teachers are not only selected on their qualifications, they are also selected based on their experience, how they relate to students and their vocal clarity.

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We offer the following or a combination of the following to tailor around the specific needs of the student.

  • Small group sessions
  • Private one-to-one sessions
  • Private one-to-two sessions
  • HSC examination preparations
  • NAPLAN examination preparations
  • Access to practice examination papers and other resources
  • Support on programs of study habits


Since we tailor to individual needs, our affordable prices may vary from student to student. However, all prices include the guidance of real teachers.


We offer various discounts that depend on different family dynamics and how you purchase lessons. Please contact us and ask what discounts we can offer you.